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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*- */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#include "nsISupports.idl"
%{ C++
#include "nsMargin.h"
#include "nsTArray.h"
namespace mozilla {
struct PrintSettingsInitializer;
* Native types
native nsNativeIntMargin(nsIntMargin);
[ref] native nsNativeIntMarginRef(nsIntMargin);
native PrintSettingsInitializer(mozilla::PrintSettingsInitializer);
interface nsIOutputStream;
* Simplified graphics interface for JS rendering.
[scriptable, builtinclass, uuid(ecc5cbad-57fc-4731-b0bd-09e865bd62ad)]
interface nsIPrintSettings : nsISupports
* PrintSettings to be Saved Navigation Constants
/* Flag 0x00000001 is unused */
const unsigned long kInitSaveHeaderLeft = 0x00000002;
const unsigned long kInitSaveHeaderCenter = 0x00000004;
const unsigned long kInitSaveHeaderRight = 0x00000008;
const unsigned long kInitSaveFooterLeft = 0x00000010;
const unsigned long kInitSaveFooterCenter = 0x00000020;
const unsigned long kInitSaveFooterRight = 0x00000040;
const unsigned long kInitSaveBGColors = 0x00000080;
const unsigned long kInitSaveBGImages = 0x00000100;
const unsigned long kInitSavePaperSize = 0x00000200;
/* Flag 0x00000400 is unused */
const unsigned long kInitSaveDuplex = 0x00000800;
/* Flag 0x00001000 is unused */
/* Flag 0x00002000 is unused */
const unsigned long kInitSaveUnwriteableMargins = 0x00004000;
const unsigned long kInitSaveEdges = 0x00008000;
const unsigned long kInitSaveReversed = 0x00010000;
const unsigned long kInitSaveInColor = 0x00020000;
const unsigned long kInitSaveOrientation = 0x00040000;
const unsigned long kInitSavePrinterName = 0x00100000;
const unsigned long kInitSavePrintToFile = 0x00200000;
const unsigned long kInitSaveToFileName = 0x00400000;
const unsigned long kInitSavePageDelay = 0x00800000;
const unsigned long kInitSaveMargins = 0x01000000;
/* Flag 0x02000000 is unused */
const unsigned long kInitSaveShrinkToFit = 0x08000000;
const unsigned long kInitSaveScaling = 0x10000000;
const unsigned long kInitSaveAll = 0xFFFFFFFF;
// These settings should be read from global prefs. Other settings should be
// read only from printer-specific prefs.
const unsigned long kGlobalSettings =
kInitSaveHeaderLeft | kInitSaveHeaderCenter | kInitSaveHeaderRight |
kInitSaveFooterLeft | kInitSaveFooterCenter | kInitSaveFooterRight |
kInitSaveEdges | kInitSaveReversed | kInitSaveInColor |
kInitSaveBGColors | kInitSaveBGImages | kInitSaveShrinkToFit;
// These settings may be changed by native print dialog and should be
// persisted when changed.
const unsigned long kPrintDialogPersistSettings =
kGlobalSettings | kInitSavePaperSize | kInitSaveDuplex |
kInitSaveEdges | kInitSaveReversed | kInitSaveInColor |
kInitSaveOrientation | kInitSavePageDelay | kInitSaveMargins |
kInitSaveShrinkToFit | kInitSaveScaling;
/* Justification Enums */
const long kJustLeft = 0;
const long kJustCenter = 1;
const long kJustRight = 2;
/** Page Size Unit Constants */
const short kPaperSizeInches = 0;
const short kPaperSizeMillimeters = 1;
/** Orientation Constants */
const short kPortraitOrientation = 0;
const short kLandscapeOrientation = 1;
/** Output file format */
const short kOutputFormatNative = 0;
const short kOutputFormatPDF = 2;
/** Output destination */
cenum OutputDestinationType : 8 {
kOutputDestinationPrinter = 0,
kOutputDestinationFile = 1,
kOutputDestinationStream = 2,
* Duplex printing options.
* Note that other libraries refer to equivalent duplex settings using
* various sets of terminology. This can be confusing and inconsistent both
* with other libraries, and with the behavior that these terms intend to describe.
* kDuplexNone is equivalent to Simplex. Thankfully, both of these terms are
* consistent with the behavior that they describe, which is to have single-sided
* printing per sheet.
* kDuplexFlipOnLongEdge is equivalent to the following platform-specific constants:
* CUPS/macOS: NoTumble
* kDuplexFlipOnShortEdge is equivalent to the following platform-specific constants:
* CUPS/macOS: Tumble
* Notice that the GTK and Windows constants have opposite meanings for
* To make matters more confusing, these platform-specific terms describe different
* behavior (from the user's perspective) depending on whether the sheet is in
* portrait vs. landscape orientation.
* For example, the generic term "tumble" describes behavior where a sheet flips over
* a binding on the top edge (like a calendar). This requires that the back side of
* the sheet is printed upside down with respect to the front side of the sheet,
* so that its content appears upright to the reader when they tumble-flip the
* sheet over the top-edge binding.
* However, the CUPS/macOS Tumble setting only inverts the back side of the
* sheet in portrait orientation. When you switch to landscape orientation, the
* Tumble setting behaves like a book-like sheet flip, where the front and back
* sides of the sheet are both printed upright with respect to each other.
* This is why it is more consistent and more clear to think of these terms
* with regard to sheets being bound on the long edge or the short edge.
* kDuplexFlipOnLongEdge + Portrait = book-like flip (front/back same direction)
* kDuplexFlipOnLongEdge + Landscape = calendar-like flip (front/back inverted)
* kDuplexFlipOnShortEdge + Portrait = calendar-like flip (front/back inverted)
* kDuplexFlipOnShortEdge + Landscape = book-like flip (front/back same direction)
* The long-edge and short-edge terminology unfortunately breaks down when printing
* with square sheet dimensions. Thankfully this edge case (hah) is quite uncommon,
* since most standard printing paper dimensions are not square. Such a paper size
* would even break the uniformly used portrait and landscape terminology.
const short kDuplexNone = 0;
const short kDuplexFlipOnLongEdge = 1;
const short kDuplexFlipOnShortEdge = 2;
* Get the page size in twips, considering the
* orientation (portrait or landscape).
void GetEffectivePageSize(out double aWidth, out double aHeight);
* Get the printed sheet size in twips, considering both the user-specified
* orientation (portrait or landscape) *as well as* the fact that we might be
* inverting the orientation to account for 2 or 6 pages-per-sheet.
* This API will usually behave the same (& return the same thing) as
* GetEffectivePageSize, *except for* when we are printing with 2 or 6
* pages-per-sheet, in which case the return values (aWidth & aHeight) will
* be swapped with respect to what GetEffectivePageSize would return.
* Callers should use this method rather than GetEffectivePageSize when they
* really do want the size of the sheet of paper to be printed, rather than
* the possibly-"virtualized"-via-pages-per-sheet page size.
[noscript, notxpcom, nostdcall] void GetEffectiveSheetSize(out double aWidth,
out double aHeight);
* Get the orientation of a printed sheet. This is usually the same as the
* 'orientation' attribute (which is the orientation of individual pages),
* except when we're printing with 2 or 6 pages-per-sheet, in which case
* it'll be the opposite value.
* Note that this value is not independently settable. Its value is fully
* determined by the 'orientation' and 'numPagesPerSheet' attributes.
[noscript, notxpcom, nostdcall] long GetSheetOrientation();
* Convenience getter, which returns true IFF the value of `numPagesPerSheet`
* would require us to orient the pages orthogonally to the sheet in order
* to make best use of the space on the sheet. Specifically, this returns
* true IFF `numPagesPerSheet` is set to 2 or 6 pages-per-sheet.
[noscript, notxpcom, nostdcall] bool HasOrthogonalPagesPerSheet();
* Makes a new copy
nsIPrintSettings clone();
* Assigns the internal values from the "in" arg to the current object
void assign(in nsIPrintSettings aPS);
* Returns true if the settings will result in an equivalent preview and
* therefore print. The printer name is ignored and it allows for a small
* delta in sizes to allow for rounding differences.
bool equivalentTo(in nsIPrintSettings aPrintSettings);
* The edge measurements define the positioning of the headers
* and footers on the page. They're treated as an offset from the edges of
* the page, but are forced to be at least the "unwriteable margin"
* (described below).
attribute double edgeTop; /* these are in inches */
attribute double edgeLeft;
attribute double edgeBottom;
attribute double edgeRight;
* The margins define the positioning of the content on the page.
* and footers on the page. They're treated as an offset from the edges of
* the page, but are forced to be at least the "unwriteable margin," unless
* set to be ignored (described below).
attribute double marginTop; /* these are in inches */
attribute double marginLeft;
attribute double marginBottom;
attribute double marginRight;
* The unwriteable margin defines the printable region of the paper.
attribute double unwriteableMarginTop; /* these are in inches */
attribute double unwriteableMarginLeft;
attribute double unwriteableMarginBottom;
attribute double unwriteableMarginRight;
attribute double scaling; /* values 0.0 - 1.0 */
[infallible] attribute boolean printBGColors; /* Print Background Colors */
[infallible] attribute boolean printBGImages; /* Print Background Images */
* Whether @page rule margins should be honored or not. If the @page
* rule sets its margins to zero, we automatically ignore unwriteable
* margins, but nonzero values will be clamped to unwriteable margins.
[infallible] attribute boolean honorPageRuleMargins;
* Whether @page rule size should be used for the output paper size.
[infallible] attribute boolean usePageRuleSizeAsPaperSize;
* Whether unwritable margins should be ignored. This should be set when
* when the user explicitly requests "Margins: None", e.g. for documents
* where accurate scaling matters. Note: While `honorPageRuleMargins` and
* this flag can't be set at the same time through the UI, doing so will
* cause even the nonzero @page rule margins to ignore unwriteable margins.
[infallible] attribute boolean ignoreUnwriteableMargins;
/** Whether to draw guidelines showing the margin settings */
[infallible] attribute boolean showMarginGuides;
/** Whether to only print the selected nodes */
[infallible] attribute boolean printSelectionOnly;
attribute AString title;
attribute AString docURL;
attribute AString headerStrLeft;
attribute AString headerStrCenter;
attribute AString headerStrRight;
attribute AString footerStrLeft;
attribute AString footerStrCenter;
attribute AString footerStrRight;
attribute boolean printSilent; /* print without putting up the dialog */
[infallible] attribute boolean shrinkToFit; /* shrinks content to fit on page */
/* Additional XP Related */
attribute AString paperId; /* identifier of paper (not display name) */
attribute double paperWidth; /* width of the paper in inches or mm */
attribute double paperHeight; /* height of the paper in inches or mm */
attribute short paperSizeUnit; /* paper is in inches or mm */
attribute boolean printReversed;
[infallible] attribute boolean printInColor; /* a false means grayscale */
attribute long orientation; /* see orientation consts */
attribute long numCopies;
* For numPagesPerSheet, we support these values: 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 16.
* Unsupported values will be treated internally as 1 page per sheet, and
* will trigger assertion failures in debug builds.
attribute long numPagesPerSheet;
/** Output device information */
[infallible] attribute nsIPrintSettings_OutputDestinationType outputDestination;
[infallible] attribute short outputFormat;
* If outputDestination==kOutputDestinationPrinter, this is set to the name
* of the printer that the print output should be saved to, but only in the
* parent process (we don't want to leak printer names to potentially
* compromised content processes).
attribute AString printerName;
* If outputDestination==kOutputDestinationFile, this is set to the path
* of the file that the print output should be saved to, but only in the
* parent process (we don't want to leak system paths to potentially
* compromised content processes).
attribute AString toFileName;
attribute nsIOutputStream outputStream; /* for kOutputDestinationPrinter */
[infallible] attribute long printPageDelay; /* in milliseconds */
[infallible] attribute long resolution; /* print resolution (dpi) */
[infallible] attribute long duplex; /* duplex mode */
/* initialize helpers */
* This attribute tracks whether the PS has been initialized
* from a printer specified by the "printerName" attr.
* If a different name is set into the "printerName"
* attribute than the one it was initialized with the PS
* will then get initialized from that printer.
attribute boolean isInitializedFromPrinter;
* This attribute tracks whether the PS has been initialized
* from prefs. If a different name is set into the "printerName"
* attribute than the one it was initialized with the PS
* will then get initialized from prefs again.
attribute boolean isInitializedFromPrefs;
/* C++ Helper Functions */
[noscript] void SetMarginInTwips(in nsNativeIntMarginRef aMargin);
[noscript] void SetEdgeInTwips(in nsNativeIntMarginRef aEdge);
[noscript, notxpcom, nostdcall] nsNativeIntMargin GetMarginInTwips();
[noscript, notxpcom, nostdcall] nsNativeIntMargin GetEdgeInTwips();
* Sets/Gets the "unwriteable margin" for the page format. This defines
* the boundary from which we'll measure the EdgeInTwips and MarginInTwips
* attributes, to place the headers and content, respectively.
* Note: Implementations of SetUnwriteableMarginInTwips should handle
* negative margin values by falling back on the system default for
* that margin.
[noscript] void SetUnwriteableMarginInTwips(in nsNativeIntMarginRef aEdge);
[noscript, notxpcom, nostdcall] nsNativeIntMargin GetUnwriteableMarginInTwips();
* Get more accurate print ranges from the superior interval
* (startPageRange, endPageRange). The aPages array is populated with a
* list of pairs (start, end), where the endpoints are included. The print
* ranges (start, end), must not overlap and must be in the
* (startPageRange, endPageRange) scope.
* If there are no print ranges the aPages array is empty.
attribute Array<long> pageRanges;
* Get a PrintSettingsInitializer populated with the relevant current settings.
[notxpcom, nostdcall] PrintSettingsInitializer getSettingsInitializer();
static bool IsPageSkipped(int32_t aPageNum, const nsTArray<int32_t>& aRanges);
%{ C++
already_AddRefed<nsIPrintSettings> CreatePlatformPrintSettings(const mozilla::PrintSettingsInitializer&);